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The difference between piano tuning and piano voicing?

  • Tuning is the adjustment of the tension of all of your piano's strings to the correct pitch or frequency.


  • Voicing is the adjustment of a piano's hammer heads to change the tone and quality of sound.

Pitch perfect piano tuning

If you are interested in having your piano tuned at a competitive rate contact our team of specialists today. At Humphrey Lees Piano Services, our expert technicians will take special care of your piano and make sure that it is tuned to perfection. You can rely on our exceptional local tuning services through Kent and the surrounding areas.

Over 15 years' experience in piano toning and tuning

Indicators that your piano might need voicing

  • The piano sounds different from when you purchased it.

  • You don't like the sound even after it has been tuned.

  • Tone varies radically from note to note.

  • You cannot achieve a range of tone

  • The piano has lost its ability to play softly.

Does your piano sound out of tune?

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