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Why choose our services?

  • Piano tuning and servicing

  • Specialist repairer

  • All makes of piano repaired

  • Fully functional customised workshop

  • Reliable services

  • Competitively priced

We supply a wide array of piano spare parts

If a particular part of your piano is worn, damaged or broken, we will be able to hand craft you a replacement part. Working with patterns specific to individual pianos, we can make parts that fit perfectly, restoring your piano's aesthetics, strength and sound quality.


These parts can be manufactured using your choice of high quality woods and we can supply German Delignit wood as well as Canadian maple and Bolduc wood at any size or thickness.

A wide array of piano services

  • Bass strings, made to pattern

  • Wrest planks / pin block, made to pattern

  • Piano bridges, made to pattern

  • Bespoke piano parts manufacture

Get custom made spare parts for your piano, call Humphrey Lees Piano Services in Canterbury on

Bespoke spares

Humphrey Lees Piano Services offers dedicated repairs for all pianos. If parts for your piano are not available then we will be able to help you by offering high quality bespoke work.

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